ON THE VIRTUAL SIDE – 33 years old and Still Gaming Strong

33 years is a really long time. As I approached my 33rd year in life, I look back at the gaming years that lead me to the gaming part of myself I am in today.

While I did begin my gaming life with the ATARI and the 8-bit NES, I’d prefer that it started with the first PlayStation (PSone). The old years were kinda bad for me due to havoc sibling rivalries with my elder brother at that time; I would get beaten for progressing faster and being more adaptive than him in most games at that time. Even my cousins and my brother’s friends were aware of my gaming adaptability. Though at this point it lead to beatings by him because he always sees me as inferior when gaming is involved and hates to be upstaged by me. When he got married and left to live on his own; only then I felt freedom to live my gaming life as it is.

The PlayStation (PSone) will eventually set the benchmark for my gaming life beginning with Soul Edge. Although the idiotic tyranic hands of the BFC (Board of Film Censors) stood in our ways from getting Biohazard (Resident Evil) I was determined to get it no matter the cost. I worked and saved to pay for the prices plus shipping during those days bcos the BFC was ran by cowards who can’t bear to see themselves naked in the shower even until today. Nonetheless, the Biohazard series eventually graced on my hands and my PSone console; all original despite the piracy age going on.

I did play in two PSone competitions; the first one being held at V8 Movies at Bugis Junction back in 1997 – Bloody Roar and finished 2nd place. But the best moment will be in 1998 at the Ngee Ann City Fountain when the R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 Tournament was held. And I finished that tournament as overall winner. Best moment of my life.

The PS2 will eventually settle me into what was known as the birth of the ‘console fanboy age’ starting with Nintendo’s Gamecube stealing (I still believe it is theft) the Biohazard series from PlayStation. A bad move by Capcom who eventually began supporting the Gamecube to almost no ends and I predicted they’ll go bankrupt if they continue supporting Gamecube in which no one believed me and said I was just ranting. However as expected, Capcom DID went bankrupt for a while. But they fought back and released games for the PS2 later, among them; Biohazard 4, which was on Gamecube at first. It also had me the knack for predicting some gaming issues that somewhat came true at the end. A double-edge sword to have; it made more enemies whenever things went my way. And that first shot happened to be when I said I’d be surprised if the then Xbox-exclusive Ninja Gaiden were to come to PS3…which it eventually did!

Unlikey we could see a Sigma 2 that time but when Itagaki left Tecmo, chances became high!

Dear, dear PS3…where do I began. On release night of 2007 held at The Clinic in Clarke Quay I am proud to say I was the very guy who walked out with TWO PS3 consoles. Something very unheard of bcos the console was freaking expensive that time. How so? They had a mini-competition using Ridge Racer 7 and having us one shot to set the fastest lap time on a track with a Category 1 car. I came up the fastest in that competition and got handed to me my second PS3 console. I was the envy for some people that night as a result because of it.

And then there was Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The game was damn hard obviously yet Xbox fanboys claimed it was way too easy. The challenge to let one of them play my PS3 version left me with a broken controller smashed against a wall after several deaths (it was during Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2). I was pretty proficient with the game so well that my friend at Sony allow me to play their full game demo at their shop in Bugis which eventually drew a crowd to see the full playthrough from start to end!


PS3 wasn’t about gaming but it was also about knowing that life shouldn’t be taken for granted. In 2009 my 60GB PS3 (pictured) died and to make matters worse I didn’t make a backup, which is why I do a monthly backup to play safe. All my rides in MotorStorm, Ridge Racer 7, my weapons in Biohazard 5 and my Big Boss title in MGS4 were all wiped out. Eventually my next console bites the dust again years later but this time I was prepared.

The 33rd year of my life will be approaching as I write this. There was a lot to write but it could be unsuitable for posting in this blog. There were incidents where I proved my answers are correct and that earned me a ban from their forums, one being GameTrailers and the other a Singapore-based forum controlled by a game shop that has since lost neutrality.  But what the hell, it was a good 30+ years of gaming ups and downs and I rather cherish the good ones.

So here’s to another 30+ years and hope I’ll still be gaming by then!

Shouts to all the supporters, rivals and haters out there. Above all to my parents for bringing me into this world and my friends both past and the present.

As well as to all the losers and idiot mods who choose to refuse accepting my facts are right and they are proven wrong. I did say Xbox 360 will die out in Japan soon; didn’t I?!