Logitech G-Series Launch Event – 21 May 2013


We would like to thank Logitech Singapore for allowing us to attend this event, which was held in Garena Stadium at Bugis+. It is my first time here and I got to say it’s the perfect place for holding a gaming event. The place is like a typical LAN shop, making PC gamers feel right at home, with the difference of having a big projection screen and a stage in the middle.

kozmik and me (scuzzybum) were treated to a buffet before the presentation of the new entries to the G Series got under way. The new line-up includes:

Gaming Mice (Link)

G100s Optical Gaming Mouse

G400s Optical Gaming Mouse

G500s Laser Gaming Mouse

G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Gaming Keyboards

G510s Gaming Keyboard (Link)

G19s Gaming Keyboard (Link)

Gaming Headsets (Link)

G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

3 quirky advertisements were also shown during the presentation which hopefully, really doubt it though, will be given a run on our local TV stations.

Do click on the links above to check out more info about the products. If you have any questions on any of the products, do post them here, and we will forward them to the relevant Logitech personnel for their response.

During the Q&A session, Logitech representatives told us that they were looking to also launch Logitech-branded mouse pads, bags, etc. for the completionists. However, we were disappointed to find out that they won’t be looking at releasing products for the consoles, and will be more focused on products for social gaming.

A mini-completion was then held where the participants were randomly split into 2 teams, Team Thunderbolt which represents Speed and Team Crosshairs which represents Precision, for a game of League of Legends (LoL). The winning team gets to walk away with a set of G400s Optical Gaming Mouse each! Alas, our team lost…

Here are kozmik’s initial thoughts after having hands-on testing on some of the products during the LoL match:

G500s Laser Gaming Mouse

I liked the feel of the mouse, the shape is ergonomic and comfortable. The many customizable buttons on the mouse will definitely assist in my gaming experience, as more keys means more shortcuts bindings, be it for gaming or normal usage.

G510s Gaming Keyboard

I feel that the LCD screen might be a little redundant. Typically, to a gamer, casual or hardcore, most of their attention would be on the monitor screen. Post game data can always be found in the in-game summary page. There are numerous alternatives to count down timers as well. However, I do like the feel of the keys though. They feel soft, smooth and quiet, which might not be a good thing for gamers who like mechanical keyboards.

G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

I like this headset. It feels light and not bulky. The ear muffs are soft and comfortable even though I’m wearing specs, which is a big plus as the main reason I don’t use headsets/headphones is due to my specs getting in the way.

We will be doing a more in-depth review on some of these products soon.

In conclusion, we felt the event was great, allowing us to interact with Logitech’s management and mingle with fellow gamers. Can’t wait for the next event!