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Tell you frankly, I was altogether surprised, excited and somewhat disappointed on the Asia release date for the PS4. But do not get me wrong there; I’m overall in support for their December 2013 release date.

To be able to get my hands on the PS4 this year rather than next year is both a plus and minus. A plus while we may get it one month late after the US and EU regions’ release date (November), we’re still being able to enjoy the console in the same year along with them and play its games. Compared to the PS4’s other predecessors, which in most cases we’d get them very late and it was a very bad decision on Sony’s part.

Like the PSone and PS2, whose titles were overran with pirated versions after the consoles reached our shores nearly over one year late as well as being slammed by the MDA (Media Development Authority) then known as the BFC (Board of Film Censors); a board made up of cowardly mentally impaired people making childish decisions (aka stupid mistakes; remember their beef with Mass Effect?) and who simply cannot bear to shower without their clothes or see a small droplet of blood the size of a full stop on your written essays. While they have since taken a slight step back, but then they now also focused on the number of bullets sprayed at them (Vanquish was reportedly almost banned by them!).

PS3 was too released late as well but it was swiftly forgiven with their title lineup and superior hardware performance. Until this day it’s the most preferred console to play over its competitors.

No release date is without its setback. Japan was to receive their PS4 in February 2014. Mentally I was prepared for a March 2014 release for Asia if the worst is to be expected (March 2007 happens to be the release date for PS3 in Singapore whereas Japan, US and EU got it in 2006). Getting the console early means some players will end up in a clash juggling between playing on the PS4 and PS3; the latter still having a growing list of quality titles and remakes (Gran Turismo 6, Deus Ex – Human Revolution: Director’s Cut are to name a couple) in development and some close to launch day.


It is also noted that certain games like Need for Speed: Rivals, Battlefield 4 and Guilty Gear Xrd (TBA 2014) while coming for the  PS3 will also appear on the PS4 and it’s a question of playing it now on the current gen or waiting for the next gen.

Whatever the case, even though the PS4’s December 2013 launch date has set me back in some ways, it has not changed my decision from getting it; only hoping that the price won’t be as much as I had saved up for (expecting a SGD $500 price tag for the console alone). And even with the PS4 in my room, I’ll still be supporting the PS3; buying and still playing games on it until the end of its cycle.


33 years is a really long time. As I approached my 33rd year in life, I look back at the gaming years that lead me to the gaming part of myself I am in today.

While I did begin my gaming life with the ATARI and the 8-bit NES, I’d prefer that it started with the first PlayStation (PSone). The old years were kinda bad for me due to havoc sibling rivalries with my elder brother at that time; I would get beaten for progressing faster and being more adaptive than him in most games at that time. Even my cousins and my brother’s friends were aware of my gaming adaptability. Though at this point it lead to beatings by him because he always sees me as inferior when gaming is involved and hates to be upstaged by me. When he got married and left to live on his own; only then I felt freedom to live my gaming life as it is.

The PlayStation (PSone) will eventually set the benchmark for my gaming life beginning with Soul Edge. Although the idiotic tyranic hands of the BFC (Board of Film Censors) stood in our ways from getting Biohazard (Resident Evil) I was determined to get it no matter the cost. I worked and saved to pay for the prices plus shipping during those days bcos the BFC was ran by cowards who can’t bear to see themselves naked in the shower even until today. Nonetheless, the Biohazard series eventually graced on my hands and my PSone console; all original despite the piracy age going on.

I did play in two PSone competitions; the first one being held at V8 Movies at Bugis Junction back in 1997 – Bloody Roar and finished 2nd place. But the best moment will be in 1998 at the Ngee Ann City Fountain when the R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 Tournament was held. And I finished that tournament as overall winner. Best moment of my life.

The PS2 will eventually settle me into what was known as the birth of the ‘console fanboy age’ starting with Nintendo’s Gamecube stealing (I still believe it is theft) the Biohazard series from PlayStation. A bad move by Capcom who eventually began supporting the Gamecube to almost no ends and I predicted they’ll go bankrupt if they continue supporting Gamecube in which no one believed me and said I was just ranting. However as expected, Capcom DID went bankrupt for a while. But they fought back and released games for the PS2 later, among them; Biohazard 4, which was on Gamecube at first. It also had me the knack for predicting some gaming issues that somewhat came true at the end. A double-edge sword to have; it made more enemies whenever things went my way. And that first shot happened to be when I said I’d be surprised if the then Xbox-exclusive Ninja Gaiden were to come to PS3…which it eventually did!

Unlikey we could see a Sigma 2 that time but when Itagaki left Tecmo, chances became high!

Dear, dear PS3…where do I began. On release night of 2007 held at The Clinic in Clarke Quay I am proud to say I was the very guy who walked out with TWO PS3 consoles. Something very unheard of bcos the console was freaking expensive that time. How so? They had a mini-competition using Ridge Racer 7 and having us one shot to set the fastest lap time on a track with a Category 1 car. I came up the fastest in that competition and got handed to me my second PS3 console. I was the envy for some people that night as a result because of it.

And then there was Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The game was damn hard obviously yet Xbox fanboys claimed it was way too easy. The challenge to let one of them play my PS3 version left me with a broken controller smashed against a wall after several deaths (it was during Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2). I was pretty proficient with the game so well that my friend at Sony allow me to play their full game demo at their shop in Bugis which eventually drew a crowd to see the full playthrough from start to end!


PS3 wasn’t about gaming but it was also about knowing that life shouldn’t be taken for granted. In 2009 my 60GB PS3 (pictured) died and to make matters worse I didn’t make a backup, which is why I do a monthly backup to play safe. All my rides in MotorStorm, Ridge Racer 7, my weapons in Biohazard 5 and my Big Boss title in MGS4 were all wiped out. Eventually my next console bites the dust again years later but this time I was prepared.

The 33rd year of my life will be approaching as I write this. There was a lot to write but it could be unsuitable for posting in this blog. There were incidents where I proved my answers are correct and that earned me a ban from their forums, one being GameTrailers and the other a Singapore-based forum controlled by a game shop that has since lost neutrality.  But what the hell, it was a good 30+ years of gaming ups and downs and I rather cherish the good ones.

So here’s to another 30+ years and hope I’ll still be gaming by then!

Shouts to all the supporters, rivals and haters out there. Above all to my parents for bringing me into this world and my friends both past and the present.

As well as to all the losers and idiot mods who choose to refuse accepting my facts are right and they are proven wrong. I did say Xbox 360 will die out in Japan soon; didn’t I?!

My mother is not a fan of violence. But as time goes by in today’s videogames it has become the norm and though she now doesn’t mind the ‘bloody games’ me and my two younger siblings have been playing, the profanities in some games (Grand Theft Auto series for example) still bugs her more than the haze.

Even today where violence in media is now accepted as the norm there are still idiotic lawyers and politicians out there trying to snuff out violence in videogames, idiots like US Senator Yee and the great idiot of them all; Jack Thompson, who have time after time fought against the sale and growing trend of violence in our games today since Mortal Kombat set the benchmark for gaming violence. Forget same-gender romances here; it’s about the gore here.

Yet with such lawsuits, violence videogames still continue to prosper. Why? Realism… Fun…Artistic…the list goes on. And the more graphic it looks, the more awesome the game is (though it didn’t work for Night Trap). What such lawyers and politicians fail to see is that young games now (mentally) mature quickly. What was horrifying to watch is now no longer an issue; it’s just special effects and animation they’ll say. Back to Mortal Kombat, the fatalities of Sub-Zero and Kano were back then considered the most graphic to watch but died down quickly because of logic; you cannot do that in real life. And most of all…IT’S JUST A GAME!!!

But no, says the stupid lawyers and politicians and those innocent games got banned. Whereas in truth they can’t play the games well.

Despite observers and parents coming to sensibility and logic to accept that the violence in videogames is really nothing at all, yet both cowardly lawyers and politicians still pressed on with absolute awareness of consequences. For lawyer Jack Thompson, he was barred from the Florida Bar and can no longer practise law for life. Senator Yee was just as stubborn; saying his ‘crusade’ is to protect the children…WHOSE CHILDREN!? Does he marry all the women in his state to bear him children to protect? Or maybe he can’t get through stage one on the old NES Contra even with the 30-life trick!? Or maybe jumping on a flying turtle in Super Mario hurts him more than a knife-inflicted gash on a limb.

The Supreme Court in that particular case; Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association (argued on Nov 2nd 2010 and decided on June 27th 2011) rule 7 to 2 in favour that violent videogames is a protected work of art and a freedom of expression in accordance with the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Jack Thompson, famous for his crusade against violence in videogames saw his life as a lawyer came to a ‘violent’ end; July 8th 2008, the Florida Bar barred him from practising law for life

It’s also interesting to note that any ‘crusade’ against violent videogames is always a lost cause. Not only do such crusaders lost their jobs, their image is also damaged and family members condemned by the media and gaming community for fighting against what is nothing more than harmless media entertainment. And if they actually (unlikely) win, it could spell a collapse in the country of origin’s financial stability since gaming today has a revenue of making billions annually more than the cost of the War on Terror three times over…maybe even more. They may even also lose support in public opinion and are voted against during elections, which is probably why Schwarzenegger is no longer governor of California (the case was originally titled ‘Schwarzenegger vs. Entertainment Merchants Association).

If a game is deemed unsuitable to the young, it is the parents themselves who are to make the decisions to purchase such games; for it’s their duty to decide if such a game is suitable for their or not. Even if said game turned out bloody, there’s already violence all around us from comics, movies and your daily newspaper reporting conflicts every time!

Violence in videogames: nothing more but another work of art. And to all haters, they will have no choice and must live with it or be damned for eternity by their childish cowardice towards a droplet of blood.

Written by Jayson

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There’s been a lot going on for some PlayStation fansand as of this writing the jury’s ain’t out on the decision to get a PS4 for some. Come this June at E3 2013 the world will see what Sony has for their console gaming fans; the first look at the next line of PlayStation consoles; the PS4.
Questions ran through my mind theoretically.



For sure?

And the list goes on. But for the many gamers who wish for change they are surely gleaming like crazy fangirls jumping for their favourite K-Pop stars. But for some; they are left to wonder; what will happen to our existing consoles?

The PlayStation lifespan is given to each console a decade’s worth of gaming entertainment and relaxation. And ten years is a really long time though there are still some players who may find it either hard to accept change or let go of certain games with reasons; some people are still playing Final Fantasy VII and CastleVania Symphony of the Night on their original PlayStation consoles (PSone) like it was still 1997! Can’t blame them; those games are legendary. And I still prefer Armored Core series like how they were on the PlayStation 2 (I prefer Armored Core 2 till Armored Core 3 Silent Line). And though I mentioned it before; I will only follow the Resident Evil story set first by the PSone instead of the Nintendo Gamecube version which I will always see as stolen.

Sometime change has to happen sooner or later though I’d prefer the latter. The PS3 still has a lot of power and untapped potential, something Polyphony Digital has claimed they’ll push the console’s limits even when others claimed it’s too difficult to make games for. Blu-Ray disc technology already is becoming the standard format for gaming as it holds more data; perfect for all those FMV cutscenes in JRPG titles. The current hardware is quickly getting underpowered no thanks to EA pushing boundaries and demanding more power (Crysis and Battlefield to name a few). And some developers who had once made PC-only games are finally beginning to understand why console gaming does have a future and are releasing the games for them (Diablo III is an example).

Again the views are mixed; what will happen to our existing games? Sony will still support them though the question is for how long more? I may have to bite the bullet and say goodbye to PlayStation Home if they are not bringing it over. Some players may not have the luxury of time to register their trophies and when the maximum of the console’s potential is finally reached it may be too late for its glory to achieve. But even as the network finally sees the sunset for PS3, we must thank it for all the joys it has given us and the pains we went through with it; bribed reviews, fanboy rants and such. The PS3 has gained me some fame both online and somewhat offline, a personal achievement I’m very proud of today.

Shepard x Tali (ME3: Citadel DLC) photo vlcsnap-2013-03-07-23h51m55s160_zps75afcf26.png
Hard to say goodbye….

So even with the PS4 already looming over our heads, the PS3 still deserves our attention for being the pioneer console for using Blu-Ray disc as the standard format, for treating games like movies, for making each experience an unforgettable memory and above all; bring out the fun in all of our titles. I will get the PS4 when it gets released; a Day 1 buy for me. But I will still look back and play PS3 games as well as my PS2 and PSone games as well.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not represent the views of the site,

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We would like to thank Logitech Singapore for allowing us to attend this event, which was held in Garena Stadium at Bugis+. It is my first time here and I got to say it’s the perfect place for holding a gaming event. The place is like a typical LAN shop, making PC gamers feel right at home, with the difference of having a big projection screen and a stage in the middle.

kozmik and me (scuzzybum) were treated to a buffet before the presentation of the new entries to the G Series got under way. The new line-up includes:

Gaming Mice (Link)

G100s Optical Gaming Mouse

G400s Optical Gaming Mouse

G500s Laser Gaming Mouse

G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Gaming Keyboards

G510s Gaming Keyboard (Link)

G19s Gaming Keyboard (Link)

Gaming Headsets (Link)

G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

3 quirky advertisements were also shown during the presentation which hopefully, really doubt it though, will be given a run on our local TV stations.

Do click on the links above to check out more info about the products. If you have any questions on any of the products, do post them here, and we will forward them to the relevant Logitech personnel for their response.

During the Q&A session, Logitech representatives told us that they were looking to also launch Logitech-branded mouse pads, bags, etc. for the completionists. However, we were disappointed to find out that they won’t be looking at releasing products for the consoles, and will be more focused on products for social gaming.

A mini-completion was then held where the participants were randomly split into 2 teams, Team Thunderbolt which represents Speed and Team Crosshairs which represents Precision, for a game of League of Legends (LoL). The winning team gets to walk away with a set of G400s Optical Gaming Mouse each! Alas, our team lost…

Here are kozmik’s initial thoughts after having hands-on testing on some of the products during the LoL match:

G500s Laser Gaming Mouse

I liked the feel of the mouse, the shape is ergonomic and comfortable. The many customizable buttons on the mouse will definitely assist in my gaming experience, as more keys means more shortcuts bindings, be it for gaming or normal usage.

G510s Gaming Keyboard

I feel that the LCD screen might be a little redundant. Typically, to a gamer, casual or hardcore, most of their attention would be on the monitor screen. Post game data can always be found in the in-game summary page. There are numerous alternatives to count down timers as well. However, I do like the feel of the keys though. They feel soft, smooth and quiet, which might not be a good thing for gamers who like mechanical keyboards.

G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

I like this headset. It feels light and not bulky. The ear muffs are soft and comfortable even though I’m wearing specs, which is a big plus as the main reason I don’t use headsets/headphones is due to my specs getting in the way.

We will be doing a more in-depth review on some of these products soon.

In conclusion, we felt the event was great, allowing us to interact with Logitech’s management and mingle with fellow gamers. Can’t wait for the next event!

Written by Jayson

*SPOILER ALERT* Please note that there are spoilers within this article. *SPOILER ALERT*

 photo Final_Fantasy_VII_Remake_Header_zpsb5d20d18.jpg

HD Remakes are beginning to be a trend lately, Zone of the Enders, Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, Resident Evil 4, God of War and the list goes on. Final Fantasy X & X2 will be released soon on the PS3 and PS Vita; another ‘re-mastered’ remake. I’m kinda thinking of getting it somehow as it was the one Final Fantasy Game I actually enjoyed very much (and suffered through as well).

However ask any RPG maniac around and it’s almost certain the remake they wanted to see will be none other than Final Fantasy VII. Released during the PSone era, it was far more popular than the other FF games of today with their attractive character design, a badass villain and a series of cannon titles to boot as well as a CG-animated film. The game was an immediate critical and commercial success upon its release; selling over 10 million copies worldwide. The original is currently available for download on the PlayStation Network.

Many Final Fantasy fans love to see a Final Fantasy remake as much as the next guy especially after seeing the PS3 CG test demo using FFVII. Years of ranting and petitions clamouring for its development and hopeful release but to no avail. There are reasons why Square Enix chose not to release the title or develop it at all. For better or for worse, they just don’t fit the nature of the series and the medium these days.

Straight-Up Acts of Terrorism by the Protagonists

Cloud Strife, Barrett Wallace, Tifa Lockheart: True heroes all, right? They save the world’s life energy from the depredations of the Shinra Corporation, stop the mad Sephiroth from smashing a meteor into the planet, and beat down a few thousand marauding monsters of varying threat levels. How noble! Sure… except for the fact that in the very beginning, the Avalanche organization for which they work is a collective of terrorists, pure and simple. Cloud and company begin the game by infiltrating a power planet, fighting through a corps of guards, and blowing up a reactor that powers a huge portion of the city of Midgar, killing who knows how many people in the process.

Maybe that flew back in 1997, but it’s hard to imagine Square having the courage to present its protagonists in such a negative light these days. The world has grown considerably more sensitive to terrorists in the wake not only of the September 11 attacks but the numerous other terrorists actions that have spread across the globe in the past decade. On some level, FFVII’s story felt like something of a reaction to the 1995 Sarin Gas attacks in the Tokyo metro system perpetrated by the Aum Shinrikyo cult, but our cultural gatekeepers have grown overly sensitive in the past 15 years. Look at all the games that were cancelled or delayed in the wake of last year’s devastating Tohoku earthquake. Timidity and forced sensitivity rule the media today, which makes it hard to imagine Cloud and Barrett nuking a reactor in HD.

Those Stupid Mini-Games

Final Fantasy V featured a few special events sequences — the escape from Karnak, the battle on the Big Bridge, etc. — that stood apart from the game’s standard mechanics. Its sequel (FFVI) took that concept a step further with its unique group battles (e.g., the defense of Narshe) and the opera sequence. FFVII took a leap beyond that by offering some of gaming’s first standalone mini-games. While Super Mario RPG probably has a claim to being the first RPG to properly incorporate mini-games, FFVII featured more of them, and a greater variety to boot.

But here’s the thing: They weren’t very fun. The Gold Saucer events were fairly reasonable, seeing that while they weren’t much good they at least were optional. But the rest — be it defending a mountain with toy soldiers or interminably performing CPR on a drowning child long after she should have been brain-dead — felt intrusive and out of place. Nothing says “tonal dissonance” like boogie-boarding down a mountain and collecting balloons shortly after your hot date gets impaled with a sword the length of a flatbed truck by an insane villain. Thankfully, Square has increasingly moved away from fully integrated mini-games in the Final Fantasy series and largely reserves those events for the sidelines. Sahz’s sidestory sucked (FFXIII-2), but hey: It was DLC. And with any luck, that would be the case for FFVII’s lamest moments. Like grinding your way through dozens of tedious chocobo races in order to win the Knights of the Round Materia. Or playing that underwater handball game (Bitz-Ball) in FFX and FFX-2.

Weird Stuff

If you go back and replay FFVII with a more mature eye than you had back in 1997, you’ll realize that the game can be downright weird at times. Remember that part where Barrett (the huge, angry dude with a gun for a hand) dressed up in a sailor suit while the feline Red XIII wobbled about the deck of a ship on two feet? Remember that couple that inexplicably passed out at the train station after spouting what appeared to be random innuendo? Or how about the part where Cloud started talking to the player before looking up to the on-screen cursor and sputtering, “What the hell??”

That stuff was pretty strange, right? Much too weird to fly in a modern Final Fantasy game. Let’s face it: Square takes itself a lot more seriously these days. There may have been some parts in FFXIII that you laughed at, but the humour wasn’t deliberate. Somehow Square Enix wrote a 60-hour game without a single real joke to be found. Have you slogged your way through any of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII material, like Dirge of Cerberus or Advernt Children? Grim, joyless stuff. There’s no room for humour in Square’s revisionist version of Final Fantasy VII, so you can forget all about Cloud breaking the fourth wall or going on an awkward man-date with Barrett. FFVII is serious business.

And no one in Final Fantasy VII is more serious than Cloud Strife. At least, that’s what all the post-release content tells me. Cloud is the definitive solemn hero, weighed down by the oh-so-grim reality of his own existence. Watch him stumble sadly through Crisis Core! See him mope his way through another fight with Sephiroth in Advent Children! See him proclaim meaningfully in Dissidia! Cloud doesn’t fool around.

Except those supplemental projects kind of miss the entire point of Cloud Strife and focus on a hyper-limited slice of his actual personality. In FFVII, Cloud starts out as a cocky, sarcastic jerk; in time, he begins to lose sight of his own self and literally begs his enemies to give him purpose; and eventually, he comes to terms with his own true past (he was a small-town boy who didn’t make the cut to become an elite warrior and adopted the persona of his friend and hero a little too well) and finally makes peace with himself and his friends. Cloud’s is a broad, complex tale, and his personality is too subtle to easily describe with a single generalization. Nevertheless, that’s precisely what every official take on the character has done since FFVII: Reduce him to a sulky child. In Advent Children, Square Enix actually rolled back all of the character development he experienced in the course of FFVII and reverted him to a bland caricature of his initial self.

It’s not hard to imagine that this would be the extent of Cloud’s characterization in a remake of FFVII, too. For whatever reason, Square seems to have decided that the best way to present Cloud is to make him this ultra-emo man child. The problem is, that’s not why everyone liked him! We liked him because he was a hero with a hard edge, a no-nonsense fighter with a pragmatic personality and yet a keen sense of humor, too. Yet you never see Cloud presented that way in FFVII’s spin-offs and sequels. And, one suspects, we probably wouldn’t see him that way in a new version of FFVII, either.

The Honeybee Manor

Midway through the Midgar sequence of the game, Cloud sees his childhood friend Tifa in a strange outfit riding a cart to what basically amounts to a sex dungeon: The Honeybee Manor. Red flag! Would Square Enix really include a sex dungeon in a Final Fantasy VII remake? Probably not.

But let’s say they did. The problem with the Honeybee Manor is that Cloud can only get in if he goes in disguise as a woman. And the process of earning that disguise involves buying mysterious medical supplies for a man in a sleazy hotel, doing push-ups for a strange muscleman who keeps a woman’s wig in his briefs, and other unsavoury acts. Red flag!

And once you’re inside, Cloud gets ogled by other dudes. And, should you play the cards right, he gets to splash around in a hot tub with a bunch of muscular guys, passes out, and wakes up in inky blackness, exclaiming about strange sensations. Red Flag.

Eventually, Cloud meets up with both Aerith and Tifa, both of whom narrowly escape from molestation. They go after the don of the slums, Don Corneo, a fat dude who makes humping motions until they threaten to mutilate his genitals.

In short, the Honeybee Manor constitutes a 30-minute sequence that would go over like a fart in church these days. But that’s just as well. Do you really want to see a weightlifter pull a wig out of his underwear and stick it on Cloud’s head in full HD? There’s a word to describe that image, and that word is, “Barf.”

Psychological Tragedy

 photo d0069046_4c076d9a2b821_zps68aeb0f8.jpg
There’s also the psychological tragedy of seeing Aerith die all over again at the hands of Sephiroth. It was so traumatising that a fan petition was made to Yoshinori Kitase requesting her return. I recalled seeing how my friend actually cried seeing that scene. Tragic? Yes but today it seems that crying boys who play games would rather cry over the deaths of Soap MacTavish and Ghost Riley instead of a flower girl. Perhaps it hasn’t hit on me but if you ask me, no way am I gonna experience it, not even paying me a million dollars will make me.

So there you have it; FFVII will not be remade at all, maybe in another dimension perhaps. In an interview regarding the subject, CEO Yoichi Wada said that a remake of Final Fantasy VII will happen once the company makes a new Final Fantasy title that succeeds the seventh game in terms of quality and sales, something the company has to date failed to do. If Square Enix were to release a remake right now, Wada said that the series would be done for.

Perhaps it was not to be but maybe some things are meant to stay the way they are as it is. We never see Darkstalkers move on to CPS-III system do we? The only thing I can think of is to just enjoy your games as they were, like how I still prefer the actual Resident Evil on the PSone as opposed to the remake by Nintendo for their Gamecube.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not represent the views of the site,

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We are happy to announce that J Veron have generously contributed a physical retail version of Assassin’s Creed 3 for this giveaway!

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Good luck and game on!

Written by Jayson

So just recently a report from Siliconera stated that Capcom’s arcade action-RPG-beat ’em, Dungeons & Dragons series (Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara) is coming over to the PSN and Xbox Live (officially announced at PAX East 2013).

Excited? Yes?

Relieved? YES!

Disappointed? Somewhat; since it’s already too long and all my Fighter-based skills have long vanished from my head as well as my tactics as to how I should approach each target to reach the end boss and give him a can of whoop-ass and tea-bagging its sick face (not possible).

Capcom bringing back a classic arcade hit is great and if that’s true (as of this writing it’s not confirmed yet) I’m in. but if there’s one arcade classic Capcom should bring back it has got to be their own beat ‘em up version of ALIEN vs PREDATOR!

 photo avp-1_zps3cc470da.png

Before the movie even came out, there was this hype of these two alien breeds going all out at each other throats. Both sides have long been fantasised to go at it for a long time but things never got on since both sides’ companies can’t see eye-to-eye. We were then left to saviour this fantasy in the form of novels and comics by Dark Horse as well as to see both breeds took on both Superman (Aliens) and Batman (Predator). In obvious fashion, the heroes won and both aliens lost.

So when the movie came out in the 2004 it wasn’t a nice treat for some of us as I left the cinema quickly after the credits starts to roll to find any arcade that has this arcade gem by Capcom but to no avail. The movie was a disaster though it raked in a $172 million at the box office ($60 million budget). The Predators were weak and there wasn’t much aliens to show around for that matter. And the second outing only made the franchise look more worst.

Damn them!

Even into the future the current generation of Aliens and Predator games weren’t hits and I’m not gonna go about at how Gearbox screwed it up with their mismanagement of Aliens Colonial Marines; a game that took six years of development and what did they do? Thanks to them, ‘All Hope is Lost’ for this franchise.

So what better way than to hope that Capcom (if they ever come to this blog of ours) could release this licensed franchise and bring it back to former glory. If they can do that with Dungeons & Dragons, I don’t see why they can’t with this one.

So how does Capcom’s vision of  Alien vs Predator look like? Yes it’s a beat ‘em up; where during that generation the beat ‘em up rage is as high as the Heavens and hotter than Hell. Players get to choose from four (yes, FOUR) characters; two Predators (Warrior and Hunter) and two original designed cyborg marines by Capcom; Lt. Linn Kurosawa (the lone female in the game) and Major Dutch Schaefer (though the latter resembles Arnold’s Schwarzenegger’s features from a Predator film he starred in). While most arcades have cabinets for two players, certain arcades have cabinets for three (the game’s actual max-standard).

 photo avp02_zps0e18fa0d.png

You go around stages from start to the end bashing bugs to pulp and raking up the kills on the scoreboard. The actions is fast and the enemies are relentless; taking you out in sheer ruthless numbers more faster than Akuma’s Raging Demon and Magneto MVC2 Infinite Combo combined. Either we blame our partners for not looking out on us or mostly the enemies being cheap.

 photo avp05_zps6559c90f.png

Though repetitive at some point, the game was absolute fun. While I enjoyed playing as a Predator, I later found my calling with Lt. Linn Kurosawa.Though she lacks a grapple unlike her peers, she can do them from the air and is very combo-flashy to watch too! At one point I went and finished the whole game by myself using her with no help! Then only did I realised my ‘performance’ had summoned this crowd watching me play this through the end (it was on a giant-screen cabinet no less!). Damn was I really happy when I saw that; so high by that sight I went around to see if anyone is playing the same game so as to join them as well and finish it again!

 photo avp07_zpsf55cbb76.gif

If there’s one complain about this game, it will be that it was not released for the home consoles at that time; namely the PlayStation and Saturn era. Nor was it released for the PS2/Xbox era either. Considering how many Aliens and Predator franchises come and go; the one by Capcom is the one many will always say it’s the ULTIMATE BEST. It’s fast and furious, fun to play with buddies on your side and on top of that; IT NEVER SUCK! Destructoid in 2009 called this game ‘An Arcade Classic Still Fondly Remembered By Many today’ and in 2011 included the game’s version of Arnold look-a-like Major Dutch Schaefer as one of their Top Ten Marines.

 photo alien_vs_predator_capcom_1994_by_myroboto-d3c8kv7_zpsdff2156f.jpg

With Capcom  releasing their arcade classic of Dungeons & Dragons series to PS3 and Xbox 360, I really hope that they will also release their version of Alien vs Predator very soon, which not only brings us back in time to show the present day gamers how awesome this game was but to also heal the wounds of the many gamers and fans of the Alien franchise who have their dreams and hopes crushed by Gearbox’s handling of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

And as always to end my blog, April sees justice served for Ninja Gaiden fans who will finally see dismemberment return in Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge on their PS3 and Xbox 360 since it’s somewhat disappointing outing last year. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will surely delight all Naruto fans out there for whatever ninja reason they can think of. Get set for Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen to expand you adventure with your levelled characters complete with full voice actors and actresses to play the characters in the game. And no matter what, I’ll still stand by Superman’s side in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Keelah Se’lai gamers!

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Written by Jayson


Had to admit; I didn’t spend a single minute on the new games I bought over February. I was embroiled in a month-long event held in PlayStation Home where the highest ranked player gets exclusive virtual rewards for their avatar; rewards only to the elite where it will never be found elsewhere. And for the first time in Asia PlayStation Home, I saw a wave of countless players at the SETSUBUN 2013 Ogre Extermination event, engaged together in a war against the invading Ogres with the aim not just to drive them out but to aim high on the charts to see who stands on top when the event ends.

Then again this topic is about one humbly ignored feature on our PlayStation 3 consoles; namely PlayStation Home. And if you ask me, yes; I’m a proud PlayStation Home user.

When it was first launched, PlayStation Home started out like any virtual social network where players online are represented as avatars, roam around in virtual spaces to chat with other players from around the region and sometimes around the world. Exchanges stories, comparing trophies and playing social games within and build communities and clubs, as well as a place to relax when not engaged into any games at the moment. Given my work commitments, it was the one place I was able to go to, if not, the place I preferred to visit now since I’m somewhat bored out by the crowded weekends at Orchard Road and Bugis Junction, two of my favourite hangouts.

PlayStation Home is the ultimate in social experience…well to most people; count out Asia.

One reason PlayStation Home is hardly given a thought in Asia (Singapore falls under this region along with most Southeast Asian nations from my knowledge; Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea) notably the lack of content and events compared to the other big three: USA, UK and Japan, whom enjoy an extensive array of events and virtual content. Asia is mostly left out from such events due to unknown reasons; some licensing and some law issues. This has lead the Asia region of PlayStation Home to be mostly seen as empty most of the time and the players in response angrily make new accounts to visit the other regions’ servers to enjoy the content and events offered there because there is nothing for them in theirs.


While I understood their reasons for switching over, I (almost) never have a single thought of following that path and thus I chose to remain in my ‘empty’ Asia region with a few friends. We were together though good and bad times; even during the outage of 2011, until when we can go back, the first thing was to find each other all over again. I’ve made friends from Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA and even Sweden. Some have left but some stayed. Hope was fading at that time wondering if our region will ever survive but we held on to that fragile strain of belief that it will improved over time.

And you know what? It did.

Over the time, Asia PlayStation Home eventually grew, with supporting developers making the much sought supporting move to make content for this ‘empty’ region (and went home laughing with money in their pockets at those who said they’ll fail). And slowly the crowd came back. Gone were the days we would just walk around with the default looking clothing we would see worn by models and such. We are now roaming around as fantasy creatures and medieval warriors and robots. Agents and security officers as well as the ability to levitate and riding on horses (even a lion!), skateboards, bicycles and bikes and all! And yes, have a virtual NPC companion by your side, a small kitten to an adult lion, how about that!?


Asia PlayStation Home eventually began growing up to be almost on par with the other regions now than it was before. And it also has its own Asian-exclusive event too; the Money God event, happening every February where we eventually got a small cash offering (used for buying online PSN content only, sorry) just by finding this mystery avatar.

All ready?

And then we were in this month-long SETSUBUN 2013 Ogre Extermination event to exterminate Ogres from Edo. Not only that but to earn points and be rewarded with virtual content as well as to rank up high on the charts and be rewarded with exclusive virtual content guaranteed never to be found in shops…ever! As a result, an all-out war raged against the ogres who are hard to kill and among players in Asia PlayStation Home to scramble for the highest kills and to get their names on the score chart. Mindless hording for something that isn’t real? More like a get-together to wipe demons off Edo!

To me, Asia PlayStation Home has improved…okay there could’ve been more done but to see so many players putting their heart and soul during that event already feels like a damn victory.

So what next after this? Who knows? But surely in Asia PlayStation Home, that feeling of ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ is already there.

So while not playing any games, why not drop by and say ‘Hello’ to the many players in Asia PlayStation Home, each with a story to tell and if need be, a help to offer in a game you may have trouble with.

If not, then feast on this March starting with BIOSHOCK INFINITE, the Irrational Games title that won over 75 editorial awards in 2011 including Game Critics’ Award Best of Show. Go back to a storyline of Kratos in GOD OF WAR ASCENSION and see what he did six months after the death of his wife and child. Experience another reboot (again?) this time with LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER, as a frightened gal who will be destined for adventuring greatness in the future. Get it down with HATSUNE MIKU -PROJECT DIVA- F. Or go into a Zerg rush into the next chapter of STARCRAFT 2 with ‘HEART OF THE SWARM’ and see though Sarah Kerrigan’s revenge against Arcturus Mengsk.

With no other event held in PlayStation Home yet, I’ll be in a game of ‘catching up’ with my peers who have finished DEAD SPACE 3 and METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE. Then when I needed a break where else do I prefer to hang out?


It’s my Home in a Home…Asia PlayStation Home. And if you ever thought of dropping by, find me and I’ll see you there.


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Written by Jayson


Actually January (2013) was the month of arguments. We are seeing fan-bases divided between the ones who accepted change and the ones who don’t (as well as the ever on-going feud of who would win or should’ve won in a fight between Dragonball’s Goku and Superman).

That same argument will definitely rear its ugly head once again when Dead Space 3 comes to our systems. Console fanboys aside of which console will the game perform better on (in this case it’ll be the PS3 of course that will perform perfectly but Digital Foundry will be paid well by you know who truly), it’ll be another case of accepting the direction it is in rather than accepting that it’s the end of a story since the incident began on the Ishimura.

Seriously all this talk about how the redesigning of a main character ruined the game of how it was is utter bullshit. The new look Dante making the series look bad? That’s what a lot of Dante loyalists believed.


Rather, I was more concerned on the combat system, namely the changing of swords during fights. Yeah in a sense the one Devil May Cry game that turned me off was the fourth game, not with the introduction of Nero but the game’s combat system that required a lot of timing issues, jump-cancels and a lot of weapon switching in between combo and during combat; something I am not very fond of. Maybe using Vergil during Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition made me turned back to it for that time but that was it.

Ninja Theory’s reboot of the franchise made me accept the combat system rather than the character design itself. I managed to download the demo and if you ask me; I’m impressed. Maybe the weapon switching will give me some trouble but it will take some time to get used to after some weeks or months if I can make time for it. Because of Devil May Cry 4, I eventually turned my back on the series. The game was just too extreme for most players like me who lacked the luxury of time to understand the extremely complex combat system given our daily occupations. The problem was also seen in Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, though not to an extent; where mashing through the game with the Force Edge & Yamato combination was just enough for me to plough through even Vergil Must Die mode almost without problems….

Even with the ZERO scores given by users (registered members) on Metacritic, sales and professional reviews have been more positive than mediocre with 6 or 7/10 being the lowest. That’s pretty good for a rebooted game.

And soon the issue will fall on Dead Space 3. Gone (somewhat) are the dark corners of a space station now replaced by an icy snow-filled planet, two player co-op and enemies that now shoot back with bullets and grenades thus turning Dead Space 3 from a horror to a shooter (though the horror theme still remains). Many will say Dead Space 3 has ripped off from Lost Planet have surely not seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, since that alien horror film’s location is also icy and snowy too!

If a change is really that bad surely it didn’t hurt Capcom’s Street Fighter IV when all the characters looked 3D. Or Need for Speed Most Wanted by Criteron, is based on Burnout Paradise (also made by Criteron) as well as their own revival of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit back in 2010. Or back to Capcom when Resident Evil 5 became two players and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has three attack buttons with the 4th being a launcher for air combos (not counting the assists/tag functions). All of them mentioned here succeeded.

Maybe some changes are bad yes, game in question being Ninja Gaiden III and their ‘Steel-on-Bone’ system, thus making killing every goon a guessing game instead. And Team Ninja admitted their mistake on that, only to make it even worst by not porting Razor’s Edge to the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well, making it solely for the Wii-U (hopefully that will change).

Even with the change the said game can still be enjoyable if some things are ignored. Metal Gear Solid 2 where the remainder of the story is finished by some rookie-boyband-wannabe-lookalike named Raiden. And Metal Gear Solid 3 where people like me who are used to relying on radars to accomplish our goals have to make do without them. Again both games are success. And speaking of Raiden, he’s more SOLID now than he once was and I welcomed that change.

February will be one to look out for, with Gearbox’s own re-visioning of the ALIENS franchise with ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES. No Predators this time round; it’s strictly humans and bugs affair. DEAD SPACE 3 will be the final chapter of the DEAD SPACE series and we will all see through Isaac Clarke’s final journey to destroy the marker and the long awaited METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE where for the first time in MGS history; stealth is (almost) not an option.

And basically in the end whatever, it will be how we judge the game not by how it looks but by what its title stands for and how it is represented.

And by the way; here’s to a Happy Lunar New Year in advance to all Chinese gamers out there.


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